Monster Legends

What makes this game easier to play is its lack of 'energy' points that need to be refilled with time, like on most Facebook games. Another nice feature is the gems.
While you can buy them, the game makes it very easy to get more for free through a variety of methods such as leveling, completing certain quests, Combat including PVP in Combat World and in Tournaments.
The object of the game is to breed and raise many dragons to earn gold, with which you can buy more food to feed more dragons to get more gold! Pretty basic, but it gets pretty complicated!

Image Specification Click To View Status Date Updated
Get 100,000 food Monster Legend
Click here to get Active 2014/11/15
Get 200,000 Gold Monster Legend
Click here to get Active 2014/11/15
Add 1 satamina
~1 Minute/1 satamina
Click here to get Active 2014/8/6
Get 5 gem
1 time / week
Click here to get Active 2014/7/16
Clean all rock and tree
Click here to clean Active 2014/7/16

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